We love a good wedding, we're pretty good at planning them to! We are sure you have it all under control but if you want the help, we are here.


We want to make your day YOUR way.

That might be asking for our menu ideas, or you might have a particular menu or dish you want us to make. Lets make it happen

Everything Else

Need help finding a marquee? Photographer? Maybe a bouncy castle? We can organise these and make sure they are coordinated around your day through us without becoming another thing you need to take care of.




You have much more important things to look after rather than the food for everyone. if you have a venue, we can cater it, our kitchen is completely transportable so we can turn any space into a kitchen.

Private Dinner Parties

Whats better than dinner with friends? How about dinner with friends where you can actually sit with your friends and enjoy it without spending the entire time in your kitchen? We'll also clean up after, how does that sound? Like everything else we do around here we make sure its the food you want.

Other Events

It may be a christening, a family gathering or, unfortunately, a funeral. We want to make sure that your needs are met and all aspects of your event go without a hitch.




From a quick sandwich lunch to a fine dining menu we would gladly help cater for your needs. We feel its important that the food helps convey your companies image. need it branded with your logo? no problem.

Corporate Parties

Of course you want to make your staff events amazing. Let us help.

Want a themed night and food to match? Not a problem. Our chefs love a challenge as well so we look forward to seeing how we can help.

Employee Fun Days

Maybe you want us to come along with you and cater while you're out doing your thing. we can also make the catering the fun day, be it a sushi master class, a cookery school, or a hands on dinner party.